I’ts finally here!, the Kmod version 0.1.

The purpouse of the Kmod is to  enable  you to externally control the Kaossilator and to add new features to this wonderful synth.

In this first version (0.1) the Kmod implements mini-din (6 pin “ps2”) connector to be able to connect your kaossilator to an external control box that you can populate to your own taste with buttons/toggles/switches to control REC/Scale/Gate/Tap buttons and any combination of those.

Also this mod implements the “Sustainer Feature “, which like its name says, enables the kaossilator to automatically HOLD the last note/position that you played on the pad.

Here’s the Kmod demo Video:

Hope you liked the mod!, If you want to Kmod your own kaosilator, you can get the instructions on This post.