January 2009

Hi!, this is the second video for the blog,  in this one I will show you the 3 secret modes of the kaossilator.

1st – Battery mode
2nd – Double lenght /16beats mode
3rd – Debug Mode.

Hope you enjoy it =)

… In my Next Video I will show you how to safely open your kaossilator and i will show you the insides of it.


Hello and welcome to the Korg Kaossilator blog!, I’ll be covering everything about the kaossilator, from the basics to hacking and modding this wonderful synth.

For this fist post i decided to cover ALL of the basics, so probably no new stuff for the ones that are familiar with the Kaossilator, but a good starting point for those who want to get one or just got one.


Next time I’ll be covering ALL of the Kaossilator “hidden” modes (not just the double length/16beats one).